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As avid lifetime appreciators of a delicious, hearty bowl of hakata ramen, we wanted to share the magic with the Tempe community. Like the beloved 1985 film Tampopo, we went on the mission to find the perfect bowl of ramen. After months of travelling around the world, tasting different types of ramen, and gaining expertise from the best in the business, we finally found it. 

We believe that the best bowl of ramen comes from a perfect balance of rich pork-bone based soup (don't worry vegetarians: we have a soymilk option for you!) , fresh vegetables, tender meat, and delectable noodles. All of our noodles are made in-house daily with a special machine imported straight from Tokyo. (Take a peek at it when you come visit us!) Along with our ramen, we serve various other appetizers such as the popular Takoyaki (pictured above). 

Thank you so much for checking us out, and we would love it if you came to visit! 

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Phoenix New Times

​ - December 2015 ramen-with-housemade-noodles-788841

 - June 2016 with-noodles-8354805

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